Where to train in Oak Forest, IL?!

What's shakin? I hope the underground can help me with this. I just recently moved here in Oak Forest, IL and I'm wondering where the nearest Muay Thai/full contact kickboxing and/or BJJ gyms are located? Thanks so much. God bless.

I don't know about the nearest, but there are plenty in your area (up to a 1 hour drive). Someone will be around to offer more specifics.

Gilbert Grappling in Mokena. www.gilbertgrappling.com


Combat-do in Cicero

Some new place that's opening up in Lansing in Feb.

Awesome!!! Keep em coming, friends! ttt


I think we might be the closest school. we do get a lot of guys from the southside come to our school.


right off of I55 in hinsdale.