Where to watch Strikeforce in Chicagoland area????

Specifically around the Schaumburg or Hoffman esters area.

Buffalo wild wings and Fox and hound are not showing it, I already called.


It's hard to find a place because it's on Showtime and not PPV.



Your couch. Phone Post

I just walked over to Shoeless Joes by the Allstate Arena and they have never heard of HDNet or Showtime.

I'm at a hotel with no Showtime or HDnet, so I am forced to watch on my laptop.

What site in your laptop Phone Post

justin.tv came up with lots of links when I logged in after creating an account and searched for strikeforce.

I REALLY do not want to pirate it though. I do not have cable service, only internet service which I use for Netflix and Hulu. I do not have a way to order showtime or I would in a second!

Any options? I dont want to pirate (steal) it!?!

I don't know about the 'burbs, but the owner of Jimmy Greens in the South Loop told me that he would be showing it. I might head over there in a bit.

Anyone got a stream?