Where to watch UFC in Sydney

Any guesses?
I live on the North Shore - but love to know if a pub/club will be showing 98. Always good for a spot of lunch before the big fights on a Sunday :)

Pubs will SAY they are putting it on, only to realise they have to actually pay a bundle for it. Get it at home or a mates place.

Its amazing to me that Dana claims to get good numbers watching UFC PPV's "live" here...

Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to watch it late and for free, again.

Get the PPV!

+1 for the internet!

the PPV model is old and if this UFC is anything like the snoozefest the last one was then there's no way i'm paying for it.

Have a few mates over, a few beers. Split it and it cost u less than $5. Of course geezer you will probably be paying $20.

i'll be watching it for free on my work sponsored internet at home. also, i can watch all the fights in about 25 minutes, without all the ads and shit.

I'd need foxtel@roughly $60 a month + plus pay for the pay-per-view.
I wouldn't be able to have phone+internet.

PPV model is old...they should at least offer HD streams...I don't want to watch a pirate copy, but I'm not paying $60 per month just so that I can order a PPV.

And yeah, if I'd paid to see Silva/Leites I doubt I would have ever bought another one anyway...