Where would you train?

If you had the chance to pick up and move anywhere in the U.S. to train, where would you move to and for what gym? I'm thinking about relocating and just wanted to hear some ideas. Thanks

As much as I don't care for Diego I'd say his gym has to be one of the top.

Team Quest would make the top 5 easy as would AMC.

Team Quest, ATT, AMC, or Tito's team.

At Pedro Sauer's school in Utah...Gotta love that guy.


Probably Mitetich's School.

Team Quest. No hesitation.

ATT in Coconut Creek


tul$a top team

For straight grappling I would train at either Renzo's or Matt Serra's school. Serra has classes twice a day/seven days a week. For MMA probably Team Quest or Jackson's.

My training partner just got back from a business trip in San Diego, where he trained with Professor Valente. After hearing him rave about how awesome the classes were and the guys teaching philosophy, I'm having day dreams about packing up and moving to San Diego.


"I'm having day dreams about packing up and moving to San Diego. "

It also doesn't hurt that the weather is ALWAYS nice, the people are very friendly, and ther are buttloads of hot chicks.

ATT really seem to be on fire at the mo!

BTT - for vale tudo also

Alliance - Gurgel and Garcia for bjj/nogi

Lions Den - Steak and chicken

Didn't I hear somewhere that Bas and Randy were opening a gym together (called "Legends," as I recall)? That's where I'd go!

i hadn't heard anything about bas and randy having a gym. anyone have any more info on that?

Which ATT location are you guys suggesting?

I swear Randy said something about he and Bas opening a gym in the interview he did for the Beatdown at Sherdog's (it was only a few weeks ago). If it's non-MMA, though, that's a terrible waste.

MFS, Hardcore Gym or Jorge Gurgel

American Kickboxing Academy Also known as (AKA) in San Jose, CA