Where's Kiuma Kunioku?

I know he left Pancrase, and Japan, early last year ... in hopes of getting more diverse training, as well as eventually fighting in The UFC. Does anyone know where he is training now? (I heard he was "may be" at rAw [forgot the new name for rAw], but haven't gotten any definate confirmation regarding that)

His style is based on wrestling, but he seemed to be taking more chances, and was also involved in a couple of classic brawls during 2003 and 2004. I am interested to hear how he is doing now, and what progress (if any) he has made since he left the safety of Pancrase.



ttt one last try..

Poor Kunioku. He left Pancrase to try to get into the UFC, and then Zuffa and Pancrase cut a deal where 3 Pancrase fighters will fight in the UFC.