where's teh best HAUNTED HOUSE in town?

got some frens in town from japan (no jchics) and wondering where is the best one of these haunted houses to take them?

help o kudasai.

mahalo gozaimasu.

waipio industrial court. Haunted Gym..SCARY

I heard the haunted lagoon at the polynesian cultural center was really good.


I heard Haunted Lagoon is awesome, but it gets crazy busy/crowded. We were gonna go last weekend but they said the wait was like 3 hours.

My good friend runs the Haunted Plantation and I've heard nothing but good things.

i could come over your house and pull down my pants, do a little electric slide

is skari fren!

Anywhere where mother in laws reside fren!

Moke - Anywhere where mother in laws reside fren!

Taste-o marriage... mr domesticated.

I keed, I keed. Where've you been?

Both my computers went down within a day of each other about 3 weeks ago, and they are still not repaired. I'm limping on borrowed computers now. Are you doing no-gi Worlds?

The crazy scary house, Waialae someplace, that has not had a tenant in over 15 years. Rory Wild guys sent a guy in there one Halloween morning and he shit himself freaking out. HPD guys know the house. The police dogs whimper and stop at the door or something at the door. Something like that anyway.