Whey Protein Question???

Quest (Ryan?),

I attended a seminar with Randy and the Quest Team in 2000 in Australia (Sydney Olympics time) and during one of the clinic's on Diet/Nutrition there was a lengthy discussion on the pro's and cons of Whey Protein.

It was reported that WP is an Industrial Waste type product and prior to it being used as a Diet Supplement it was basically toxic and had to be carefully handled and disposed of????

Is my poor memory completely off the planet or can someone refresh me of the details, it was pretty interesting at the time.

Thing is a guy I train with swears by it and I just wanted to tip his scales a little.



The seminar was at Boxing works in sydney at Larry P's place yeh?

What do you guys use for protein intake? I only really know about nuts and tuna/other fish, poultry and red meat. I do know when i am taking whey shakes i seem to feel like sh*t and i find it hard to train bi-daily. I also keep my weight on.

I haven't heard that before, about the whey protein. It wouldn't surprise me though. Contrary to what many believe, most bodybuilders aren't very healthy (you know, with all the steroids and all). Ryan, you mentioned that protein requirements are easy to meet. Most people agree that it is 1g per lb. of body weight. , what do you think dude?
I agree, I think a mma athlete should eat more like an endurance athlete with more protein then they consume and less carbs.

Hey Ryan,

I purchased the TQ manual, and I liked the diet info in it. Many people think that the low protein ratio would not allow you to put on or maintain muscle.

Now, the way I look at it is the ratio is low, but that doesnt mean your consumption has to be low. Basically if you wanted to move up in muscle mass or at least maintain (on the TQ diet of course) wouldnt you just up the calories with the TQ ratios still intact?

Did I just answer my own question?