Someone update please as I couldn't be there. ROOTS or MACHADO???

Yeah ttt for yesterdays wrap-up.

Gracie Team won the team trophy yesterday, and Roots won the overall title for 2004.

Congrats to all and thanks to the federation directors for a great event.

GO ROOTS!!! 3 in a Row!!!

By the way congrats to Gracie Team for yesterday's win, and the MACHADO team for being so competitive during the year

How did the day go? Were there any Brown or Black Belt divisions?

no brown or black belts.

Pretty good comp woulda been great to see some browns or blackbelts competing. Also a little bit surprised by some competitors lack of knowledge of the rules.

Sucked how i dislocated my sterno-clavicular in the absolute div too. (whatever the fark that is.:-))

It was cool to see the guys from peter de been Adelaide makin the trek up for the comp, great guys too.

Congrats on your win too BenBJJ, nice work.

p.s. go gracie barra!!!

My lower back hasn't been great Benny!That "monster" Brad Patterson mauled me on the Mon night before.

Plus I got there 10mins late and missed my fight!! Last comp I waited around for 2 hous before my first fight, this time I got there half an hour later & missed my fight by ten mins.

Anyway, my back would appreciate the rest

Congrats too Benny

Congrats to ROOTS

ROOTS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!