Which BJJ?

Which bjj association are you all associated with? Machado? Alliance? Barra?

Our school is with the Royler Gracie/David Adiv BJJ association.

Training with a RGDA purple belt.

My school is a Pedro Sauer affiliate.

When I started out, I joined Rickson's organization for a year but the newsletter was about all I got out of it.

Now I have a Black Belt instructor (Marcellinho Pereira) that is with Nova Uniao but I have no affiliation with them other than his. He lives in Brazil and I only get to train with him when he visits once a year or so. He is very cool and doesn't care who I train with as long as I train and take care of my guys.

I am happy to be associated with SBG and One Dragon MA. Luis has improved my game more than anyone over the past year.

Alliance Team (Canada)

Soon to be a member of SBGI too!

Hey Kevin:

which rgda purple are you training with? Are you competing on the 28th?

Harris International! I'm lovin' it!


4 Ranges...

I'm traning with Donald Park.
And no to the competition...
but, just out of curiosity... what competition?


Hey Kevin:

I know Don. He visited our academy for a few days back when he was a blue. He reffed one of my matches. Awesome and extremely technical. Good teacher too.

The RGDA tournament (gi) is on the 28th. Ask Don, he should know.

For BJJ, the school I train at is a (Carlos) Machado affiliate


Jorge Gurgel.

Nova Uniao



I've seen your instructor in some BJJ matches. I love his guard, especially his outside hook (De La Riva) guard!

Gracie Barra

Pedro Sauer/Eddie Camden

Ralph Gracie.

Boston BJJ/Norcal BJJ/Tim Burrill BJJ/GAMMA Nova Unaio/SBGI/Harris Int/Boneyard BJJ/Mass Sub/Gracie Barra/UVM Judo/Catamount BJJ

-all have helped with my BJJ training

Team Saulo

At one time, my former school was associated with Carlson Jr, then we switched over to Alliance.

Team Saulo, under TCjitsu.