Which Gi has the baggiest pants???


Which brand gi makes the baggiest pants? I have an HCK and a Rednose. My rednose seems tighter around the ankles and thighs than my howard. I like my pants roomy. Thanks

Just buy the next size up and get them shortened.

My Kikskin pants are so big around the waist, I can't get the drawstring to close tight enough around my waist to stay on. Yet strangely, they're also too short. So for reasons of practicality, I can't ever wear them.

Toraki's top pants can be purchased for different height and width combinations. If you talked to them, I'll bet you could get what you're looking for.

Hammer Kimonos by Team Mario Caligia - they have some seriously good deals on Parachute material which is both light and tuff.

I had a badboy made by dragao once.. I could fit both legs into one of the pant legs.. crazy big and fairly thin..

Get some judo gi pants. They are plenty baggy.

Same with my Kikskin pants. And I'm only 5'8 and 165. Very large cut, and I don't like the drawstring material either.