Which half g. tapes most helpf.?

Which half guard tapes have been the most helpful for you?

If you dont know many moves Gordo is the man his 3 tapes helped me alot, but if you want to learn where to put the presure, weight and have the moves placed into a system Ribeiro's "half-guard" vol. is great!

I probably know TOO many moves and need to work mostly on a few good ones. I'm doing pretty well against guys my size, but against really heavy guys, I would like to do better. (Don't we all?)

gordo,jj machado, saulo off the top of my head..

Fredson Alves half guard vol. was awesome!!!
Fredson Paixao very good series too!!

Fredson Paixao has videos out? More info please! Fredson is awesome and I'm glad to see him doing the MMA now too.

bjjrapido: I didn't realize Fredson Alveshad a half guard tape. Do you have it??

Rey Diogo tapes

Brian: you'll have mail momentarily

I heard Bob Bass & Rick Williams (Rigan Machado Black belts) have excellent tapes out on top & bottom half guard!

I haven´t seen them but I heard Michael Jen´s half guard tapes are very good

I honestly have not seen a half guard tape that really breaks down the position like I have been taught in privates (Soneca). I think Rey Diogo's was the best I had seen but that was on passing the half guard I think not being on bottom. Wasn't crazy about Gordo's half guard tapes but then again it could be because I really don't like half guard that much anyways and often curious what is the obssession on this forum about half guard since its really not all that important in the grand scheme of things.

since its really not all that important in the grand scheme of things.


Michael Jen's are very comprehensive, covering all the major half guard variations. Most others that I have seen focus a lot on the relatively dominant position when you have the underhook and are on your side, but don't show much on what to do if your arms are in other positions.

my review of bob bass and rick williams dvd's... GREAT STUFF.



jean jacques' "becoming a champion" (tape 3) has some great half-
guard stuff. plus you get to see eddie bravo demoing techniques in a

Nathan Levortons (mispelled, sorry) has great tapes for no gi. His half guard will give you all the funtctional moves you need. I think the web site is totalgrappling.com