WHich instructionals would you pic

Out of these choices which dvds would you get and why?
I would like a wrestling dvd that can transfer into Submisson wrestling or MMA.

Chertow wrestling dvds
Gramby system dvds
Mike Van Arsdale and Kevin Jackson's Tapes
Tito Ortiz
Randy Corture
Wrestling plan

I would really appreciate the input

As for wrestling I'd 100% vouch for the Granby system but their stuff is not real applicable to mma because of the techniques they sepcialize in..(cradles,reversals,escapes, pin combos, etc)

Thanks Jacktown... I have posted this question a few times and noone in the form has anything to say? COme on guys. Does everyone want to keep the info to themselves?

Jacktown, what makes the granby system so different from other wrestling systems? WHat do you think of Ken Chertow's stuff and who do you think provides the best detail on a dvd ( Underhook,tie-ups,set-ups, defense,etc.)?

Here is a thread on the Granby system.


USA wrestling syllabus

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Wade Schalles leg riding video? I've been trying to get a copy for the last two years. If you do, please e-mail me at Rudysanchez1@sbcglobal.net. It's for my little brother, he's wanted it forever, it'll make a great christmas gift.

Darell Golar has some good ones out for mma.

i dont wanna hi-jack the thread but which wrestling instructional would improve my bjj/gi-only bytheway

I am a wrestler first and foremost and found Sperry's videos most helpful

As for the non-wrestler looking for wrestling related help, Id have to reccomend Gholar or Couture

I hear the Singer Brothers along with Paul Sharp have put out some good material.