Which Kung-Fu styles are effective for street fighting and MMA/Kickboxing?

Some of the most delusional martial artists I’ve seen were Wing Chunners. They think they can beat any style, but they usually lose to Muay Thai fighters, but they claim their style is effective but ONLY for street fighting. What do you guys think about and rate these kung-fu styles when it comes to effectiveness:

  1. Wing Chun
  2. Choy Lay Fut
  3. Hung Gar
  4. Southern Praying Mantis
  5. Northern Praying Mantis
  6. Long Fist
  7. Bagua
  8. Hsing Yi
  9. Baji
  10. San Soo
  11. Chinese Kempo
  12. Jeet Kune Do


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pffft no match for the tiger claw and crane beak strike!!!

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If I’d pick any of those, I’d be Jeet Kune Do because it’s essentially the whole theory behind MMA. Take what works, and discard whatever doesn’t.

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id say none, but cung le

Sǎndǎ ), formerly Sanshou (Chinese: 散手; pinyin: Sǎnshǒu ), also known as Chinese boxing or Chinese kickboxing , is the official Chinese full contact combat sport.[2] Sanda is a fighting system which was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon the study and practices of traditional Kung fu and modern combat fighting techniques

Sanda it’s a tournament format, not a style per se. I know they use Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling) and probably some techniques from Kung-Fu, but most of their techniques looks very similar to Muay Thai.

San Shou, Kickboxing with throws

MMA sparring with any level pure TMA guy is usually a walk in the park. But I used to train with a Wing Chun guy who was an absolute motherfucker. He just had a gift for it.