Which Sperry Set?

I am finally in a position to spend a little cash on no-gi instructionals and am looking for input into where I should spend my money.

It looks like bjjprim8 has been giving reviews but I must have missed them because I can't find the threads.

I have about $200-300 to spend. I was thinking of getting either Sperry Vale Tudo 1 or Sperry's Submission Grappling set and then adding on another cheaper set or some individual dvds.

I have been rolling for about 2 1/2 years (all no-gi) but have been out with a neck injury for about 9mo. The doc has finally cleared me (sort-of) to roll sometime in the next 1-2 mo provided my range of motion gets to where it needs to be.

Thanks for any input - Ken

I think his no gi stuff was his weakest set.  Vale Tudo 1& 2 are very good.  I would wait for Saulo's no gi set and wait for reviews on Caesar Gracie's new no gi set.

Thanks for the input Cherrypicker.

A few other questions.

Any opinion on Renzo's set?

Is it worth the $100 to buy Baret Yoshida's set given that they are tapes?

How much overlap is there between Sperry's VT1
and VT2?

Thanks again - Ken (edited because I can't spell)


there is very little overlap between ValeTudo 1 and 2. In fact, I think there is none. I think VT 1 is a must have. VT2, I liked the top control tape, but the others were just alright.

If i were you, i might wait for the saulos to come out. Or you can get the gi less set from Cesar.

Thanks Bounce

I'll buy Sperry VT1 and wait on the others.

Baret's tapes are among the very best in no-gi grappling and MMA. It's
annoying there aren't DVDs (we must all bug Burton a lot more about
this!), but if there aren't plans for DVD conversion soon and you want to
see some top class no-gi closed guard, then you'll just have to bite the


Bounce - On it's way

I don't suppose anyone cut and pasted bjjprim8's reviews into a word document.

Probably too much to ask for but I thought I'd ask since I feel like I'm wasting peoples time by asking about instructionals as he seems to have been reviewing recently.

If not and anyone remembers his 4 and 5 star reviews I would love a quick list or overview.

Thanks - Ken

I would also choose the new Saulo set when it comes out and the Ceasar Gracies no gi set.

Baret Yoshidas instructionals are well worth every penny (VHS though) aswell as Marcelo Garcias no gi set.

I have training partners who were not to happy with Sperry's sub grappling set,but I never seen them nor have I read any reviews on them.

Also check out Kestings stuff... a whole lot of information that is taught for both gi and nogi. Awesome instructor in my oppinion.

Thanks for the input Prik Khee Noo and Slysir

Much appreciated - Ken

sperrys sub grappling set covers butterfly guard vol 4 and 5 and guard passing vol 2 other ones not worth getting imo.

valetudo 1&2 are more usefull for an all around game then yoshidas good for mma or sub grappling.

i would say that sperry 1-3 along with matt thornton jkd series2, will give you a very complete game wether its for sub grappling or mma.

oh i do have to say barret yoshida has the best set on the guard for diffrent aspects of the game that i have ever seen, the stuff he shows is the matrix of what grappling really is , cant belive the stuff he was showing no filler at all. kind of hard to put into words you just have to see it for yourself/

Just purchased Sperry VT 1-2

I'm now awaiting the release and review of saulos set.

Still debating just biting the bullet and buying Baret's 3 tape set.

So many tapes and limited $$.

Ikickedem - I'll look into sperry's sub-grappling butterfly 4 and 5. Thanks. I use butterly a lot so I'll keep them in mind.

Thanks for all the input - Ken

Just to let know I tired like hell to get Sperry's BG stuff work.  I just couldn't.  Not even against lower belts.

ive been able to use most of the stuff on sperrys vale tudo 1 right away althogh i already knew pretty much all the techniques on the tape his approach is very practical.

Yeah, his VT 1 series really opened my eyes at the time, and the stuff on there really works.

You will learn A LOT of things.

I got my hands on VT 1, 2 and 3 a couple of years ago. A friend and I started meeting about 3 times a week and drilling the techniques hard for like 2 hours at a time, and fuck me dead! Our games went through the roof!! We were killing people on the mat!

1 and 2 are awsome!!! 3 was ok but I never could get the grip to work all that well for me, and the set kinda revolves around it.

his no gi set wasn't the greatest....and I havn't got his gi sets.

What I really got out of his sets was...a gameplan, from almost all of the various positions, top and bottom..He teaches great combinations of attacks..You get a great idea of the basic do's and donts from everywhere. I always had a plan, and a couple of backup plans based on my opponents various defences.