Which UGer is this?


Give the young man credit for “Let’s line it up”.

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lol. it shows the delusions the casuals carry around with them.



My cousin said that he wanted to fight Mark McGwire of the A’s because he is not expected to win & if he lost he would still make the news.


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Reminds me of the days when the casuals really appeared when TUF started for first time. These guys was the ones who wore tap out shirts and hats around everywhere, decal stickers. Affliction shirts you name it lol, yet they didn’t really understand nothing about MMA they referred to it as UFC and they loved knockouts and fighting.

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How about when people wore skull beanies.Do you remember that?


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i remember going to a ufc just after tuf 1
ton of guys crossing the street to go to the venue
all of em looked like assholes, everyone was dressed like a fighter or jersey shore cast member

Never seen many wear team punishment or any of John hacklemans team gear.

I still wear beanies in the winter!