Which weave?

I've pretty much decided to get a MKimono Gi, but I'm not sure which weave to get.I train mostly no-gi, but would like to get a nice gi for the dozen or so times a year I train with the gi.My primary concern is comfort, followed by fit/look, price and durability.Opinions?Thanks.

I like the Hybrid. Seems just as comfortable and a little stronger than Gold weave, but not as hot and heavy as double. I like the look of it, too (looks like a thinner double weave).

Yup, Hybrid Weave is what I'd recommend!

If you train mostly no-gi then odds are you are going to find wearing one HOT and uncomfortable and sweaty as hell. I started BJJ in August with a double weave judo gi I got locally. MISTAKE. Could not have been hotter and more miserable.

Then I moved on to an Atama single. Better but still hot as fuck, even in the winter. I was always turning the heat off in the gym and everyone else complained about being cold. I am kind of a hot sweaty guy though.

So then, after complaining how stinking hot a gi is to train with, my sister bought me the mkimonos summer weave jacket which I wear with my atama pants. MUCH better. I'm still hot when I train but it's way more tolerable. The fit is nice, seems durable and it also seems harder to grab than the atama. The color is nice too, a deep blue. I reccomend it.

the difference between the gold and the hybrid is very difficult for people to describe. Everytime someone tries to describe it they describe it the same way gold weaves are supposed to be.

The biggest different is the look; The hybrid weave "pattern" looks the same as a double weave, but it has the same weight as the gold.