Which worse, bad training or none?

If you are a complete beginner, and you have no other options for training, would you a) stay at home and try and teach yourself, or would you b) train with someone who has mediocre skills?

bad, cuz it gives false confidence

I'd far rather have one mediocre technique than nothing. And in my experience, the untrained fighters are far more "over confident" than the poorly trained ones.

train. because you sweat and gain experience.

always train

well id go with the mediocre coach and also try to learn on my own.

what makes you think you know any better than him?

train with the mediocre guy but take everything he says with a grain of salt

i assume he means bad training like some gay kung fu. any mma training will help

almost just used my bad mma training on a door to door salesman who threatend my dog

Depends on what you are training.

If you are training with other beginners and you are just using some instructional videos and some mats I'd say hell yeah that's better than nothing at all.

Hell I've done Goju Karate in times between BJJ and Subwrestling training but I respected the instructor and there were a couple of other guys who liked train hard.

I'd say get one or two other beginners and some mats and get after it.

It does depend on what you train, the false confidence comes into play, but if you expose yourself to multiple arts AND competition, training is going to be beneficial.

The place I am looking at specifically mentions MMA, actually. It's a JJ/Judo place. It may be awesome. I don't really know.

Check the school website: http://beam.to/jujitsu

Also check: http://xfc.ca/ and notice that both instructors lost thier first rounds. I know that it doesn't really mean anything, but whatever...

Just thought I'd get some opinions...

TTT for a bit of input...

Find a better place.

Ask on the Judo forum for a better Judo/Sambo club in the area. Or you may email the instructor at the club and ask him where he trained judo, and then go there.

There are precious few options here. I think it is this, to maybe the TKD school.

well it depends...are we talking hang-gliding or mma? i'd say you should train.

as teddy roosevelt said..."the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing is nothing"

Man, that's a catch-22 if I ever heard one. I'd go with tape training until someone better/more qualified comes around.

Underhill, man I just don't know.

After checking out their site I'm not so sure.

It looks like they may offer some MMA type of training but they be like some of the mixed traditional schools around my parts and only allow you to fight train once you reach black belt level.

Losing in a MMA match doesn't always mean that someone sucks, it just may mean that they weren't the best man that night.

Plus just because you are a good fighter does not mean you are a good teacher.

Go look at their school, look at their training, and their cost.

Tell them exactly what you are looking for and see if it is what they offer.

Hell you make luck out and get to learn MMA as well as some self defense training.

I used to train at a school that had top notch grappling training and also offered a more tradional Japanese Jujutsu that looked good as well.

Buy Martin Rooney's (stregth coach working with Renzo) book on strength and conditioning, sign up to a fitness gym and get in killer shape.

When you're strong, flexible and conditioned - learning the techniques will be considerable easier when you find a good gym.

I dont know, I have guys come in my place all the time and they could have just learned from scratch faster than it took alot of them to break shitty habits they got from teachers that didnt know what the fuck they were doing!