While the fights are on...

What fight on this card or future cards are you looking forward to seeing?

Lesner vs Mir should be interesting. I want to see Lesner against someone good.

Lesner by Pile driver

DDT or Superplex.


As for myself, I'm looking forward to GSP vs Serra and Hendo vs Anderson

Hendo vs Anderson should be interesting as well.

brock lesner with a zangief 360 degree piledriver with a F5 finisher..

Mir with a running bulldog, and a figure 4 leglock submission to force the tap.

I'm really looking foward to Cote and McFedries, should be fireworks and best of all it's free!

Looking 4ward to Kala-vs-Baroni. Make it happen!

I agree with the above Monkey

Agree with the above two Monkeys...

ttt for yaku monkeys...