Whipover into armbar technique

Does anyone know if there are any instructional vids for drilling this technique? I saw Vitor almost pull it off on Tank in UFC. Basically, you defend a shot by underhooking one of your opponent's arms, flipping him over, as you come around him and land a cross-armlock on him (jujigatame).

Not sure what your asking, sounds like a spinning armbar? If Im correct its basically a standard move in BJJ.
So to answer you most will show it.

You're talking about a pancake to a spin around armbar from side control. The pancake is probably shown on a lot of wrestling instructionals, and the spin around armbar is shown on a ton of BJJ instructionals. I'm not sure if there are any that show them together.

In the Vitor/Tank fight, it was basically Tank doing a whizzer and then falling down, which isn't exactly the classic pancake.