White: 'I would have thrown in the towel'

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                                White: 'I would have thrown in the towel'

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                    <p>It's possible that sometimes an athlete can be too tough for their own good. Damage taken in a career is cumulative and combat athletes are always at risk for long term effects from damage suffered in their career. At UFC 166 Junior Dos Santos battled Cain Velasquez for a grueling five rounds, and the referee almost intervened in the third round when it looked like Dos Santos was out on his feet several times. Watching cage side, Dana White felt as though it may have been in the best interest of Dos Santos for his corner to throw in the towel:</p>

"I would have thrown in the towel," White said after the post-event news conference for UFC 166, which took place at Toyota Center in Houston.

That's something that seldom happens in MMA. To think that it might happen from the corner of dos Santos, a former heavyweight champion who is regarded as the No. 2 fighter in the division, but now one whose Kryptonite apparently is Velasquez, might seem far-fetched.

But White believes that would've been best for the Brazilian.

"I had Tillman Fertitta, Lorenzo and Frank's cousin, sitting next to me and asking me, 'How does this work? Can you throw in the towel?'" White said. "I was like, 'That's a good f---ing question. I think if I throw the towel in, I'll get beat to death by his corner and half of the the fans here – and probably next time I (go) to Brazil.'

"I don't want this to come out the wrong way, but I always like to say if anybody in his f---ing corner cares about him, please, throw in that towel."

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isn't this like the 9th Dana white quote thread you've made today?

throwing in the towel doesn't mean anything.

The ref can throw it right back out of the ring if he wants too.

At every fight I'd ever been a part of,the ref said he would be the judge of stopping the fight and throwing in the towel would not warrant a stoppage. Also anyone sitting close enough to the cage could toss one in if they pleased. Dana is aware of that I'm sure and is pretty much implying that had he been in his corner he would have tried calling the fight? Phone Post 3.0

I agree with Dana. The corner should have thrown in the towel. It's seems like boxing and Muay Thai coaches are willing to throw in the towel to stop their fighter from unnecessary punishment. However, there is a conflict t of interest here because a W means more money for the fighter and in most cases the corner men. Phone Post

I'm pretty sure it's written in the rules that you cannot throw in the towel. Phone Post 3.0

dbeedy - I'm pretty sure it's written in the rules that you cannot throw in the towel. Phone Post 3.0
Bingo. At least in Nevada it is.

Cindy Phone Post 3.0

Such a tough call to make, but JDS took some serious damage in those 5 rounds. Of course he always has a punchers chance, but realistically he was done by the end of the 3rd round. What a warrior and hope that he recovers okay from this. These guys will probably fight a 4th time in a few years from now.