Whittaker vs Strickland

That should be next.


Makes sense and a good fight. Strickland wins, he gets the rematch for the belt. Whittaker wins, what the hell, give him a title shot too.


Not sure I wanna see Whittaker Izzy again but Strickland never earned the shot, won convincingly, lost a close one but never defended. If Strickland wins, there’s a DDP or Izzy rematch.

If Whittaker wins, he could get a DDP rematch.

Guess who is next for DDP is the question.

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Then Adesanya skips both of them for another unwarranted title shot

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I would prefer strickland vs Costa, Rob vs Khamzat and izzy vs ddp.

Khamzat vs Costa would also be epic and should’ve happened already.


I like it.

Winnable fight for Rob with the right game plan

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I dont want to see it, their styles doesnt collide, receipt for snoozefest
Its logical but nah

I’m with this, rather see Strickland vs Costa and Whittaker vs Khamzat. Do Izzy vs DDP while it’s available again, they blew it last time counting on him to beat Desean. Adesanya was a great champ and is good for a title fight any time, idc that he just lost.


That division is so shit. And is one of the “stacked” divisions.

No complaints there.

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Strickland is too slow and not enough output.