Who are the top prospects at Heavyweight?

What I mean are, who are the top prospects to be a force in a year or two, or even three years from now.

I realize most will Say Cain and Carwin, but those guys are already a force at heavyweight.

The names that come to mind for me are:

Michael Russow - Last Fight: 12/11/2008 [Adrenaline] 11-1-0

Dave Herman - Last Fight: 5/1/2009 [BellatorFC] 14-1-0

Dos Santos is still very new to the game and he qualifies imo.

Also, there's a guy on tuf coming up named something like 'schoonover' who is 10-0 and could be a dark horse to win. Also, any of the 4 NFL guys on TUF if any of them develop their submission games quickly. NFL athlete + good BJJ = scary.

Roger Gracie, Pe De Pano, Baby Fedor, Xander Riberio, Bobby Lashley and Blagoi Ivanov

 Tim Hague

Ray Mercer - :-)

Alexey Oleinik - 24-4-0

Chris Tuchscherer Last Fight: 4/11/2009 [SNMMA] 19-1-0

Richard Hale Last Fight: 7/18/2009 [Rage in the Cage] 12-2-1

Stefan Struve Last Fight: 6/13/2009 [UFC] 17-3-0

Mario Rinaldi Last Fight: 7/10/2009 [WFC (Florida)] 10-3-0

Ralek Gracie Last Fight: 6/15/2008 [DREAM] 2-0-0

Rob Broughton

Daniel Puder!

Bobby Lashley

Peewee will be top 5 in the world in 2 years, mark my words.



 Ralek is at HW?

^^^No. Both of his fights have been at 205.