Who can dethrone the UFC Heavyweight Champ?

or will Velazquez hold the belt for many more years?

imo, he defeated the #1 contender twice already, who else is out there at HW for him?

who can beat him in your opinion?

Reem? really?

GTFO, he's done.

Big Foot

Werdum or Cormier

Me and my ufc traning Phone Post 3.0

The fact that most of these guys at HW put some serious bang behind those punches means anything can happen with one well placed punch. Cain is pretty well rounded and probably has the most complete skill set overall, he puts everything together so good.

I think the heavyweight division is getting real exciting these days, I would have to pick Cain over anyone else right now but like I said it can all change with one punch, even JDS had some power behind those shots he was throwing in the later rounds after being hurt. It's why I like the HW's, all that power flying around and you know someone will more then likely go down. Phone Post 3.0