Who does Steve Irwin train with???



I love that he wears the same exact thing no matter if he's working at the zoo, out for a night on the town or sparring MMA. what a loon!

It's not "armbar" it's an "armbah" Crickey, get it right mate !


I bet Steve could take Cabbage like punishment and keep going. You could snap his arm and he would say "It's no big deal, really, I'll just get to Hospital after this fight. For now, keep the cameras rolling."

Thanks for all the info and pics guys, that is fantastic! That dude is full of energy, I wonder if he's just naturally like that.

"You gotta be EXTRA careful with these BJJ blokes, they can get in around me kneck, and I'd be dead for sure"


Danny Higgins is the head trainer for our MMA Team here at Integrated Martial Arts in Australia.

Steve trains like a pro MMA fighter with Dan. Boxing,Muay Thai,Wrestling,Grappling and will sometimes put the MMA gloves and headgear on with Dan and go at it full noise.

Dan said that he is freaky strong and tough as nails. He is genuinely a great person and very supportive of Dan in his quest to become internationaly successful in MMA.

TTT for the Khakis


LOL @ some funny posts here.

Soon we'll see him jump on a croc and instinctively go for the rear naked choke. I'm sure that guy has plenty of scrappiness in him and I'll bet he IS strong as hell- that's totally cool that he's training. It must be a hoot to hang around with him.

Mr Nemo, I think I have seen him use the same grip as a RNC to keep the crocs jaws closed.

I have said this before. This is the ultimate comback when people claim MMA is unrealistic because biting isnt allowed. Steve Irwin trains MMA and he fights fucking crocs for a living.

Well shit!

You've seen what the guy does to a croc.

Imagine what he could do to a person.


Steve is a fan of MMA.  Zuffa should do their best to get him invited to a show.  He'd be great to have there, maybe throw him in the commentary both for one match (If you fly out I can translate for him)... :)


Elvis is correct, good exposure via a 'top bloke'.

Higgins is a tough guy, good fight with Villasenor.

Elvis has dominated the correct for five rounds and is spanking it.

I would love it if Steve Irwin got in the commentary booth! I would laugh my ass off if he refered to a fighter as a "beautiful specimen."

Steve would be great for commentary, ZUFFA, Make it happen!

It would be great for the promotion of the sport too. Someone with links to Zuffa pass this idea on!

I was at Australia Zoo yesterday. Took Frank SHAMROCK there as he was out for XFC6.

Terri IRWIN said Steve was gutted that he missed Frank.


Talk about surreal.