Who else could pull "a Penn"?

Hmmm.. I think I may have just coined a new expression.

Who else could pull "a Penn"?

"A Penn" = to move up a weight class or several and dominate the champion that was formerly though to be too big and/or too good for you.

["He's tryin to pull a Ronnie Miller!"]

I'd like to see Serra come up and fight BJ again, to see what it looks like when neither one of them is cutting significant weight. And I suspect Edwards' strikes might be more scary if he packed on another 15 pounds of force.

cant wait for hughes and bj to fight again. matt needs his belt back.

Pulling a Penn could also mean not fighting for a long time after u win the belt. or is that call pulling a t...


"toe "

no...but close

I think Serra would have had a good chance a subbing Hughes also.