Who else get into MMA because of BJ?

As a kid I remember watching the first UFCs and think they were cool but never totally got into it.

I never really got into MMA until I saw BJ fight and then that even led me to train in BJJ and Muay Thai. Sad to see my favorite fighter go but I wonder if I ever would've even gotten into MMA if BJ never burst on the scene.

Here! My friend had his first fight against Hughes on dvd in like 06. Always loved him. Phone Post 3.0

I'm from Hawaii so having him from our state made me want to watch him. Plus, his win over Hughes really showed that a smaller guy can still beat a bigger guy with BJJ. I'm a fairly small guy so he was inspirational. Him, Enson, Niko, Cabbage and Egan were heroes to me. Phone Post 3.0

Not just BJ, Chuck, Vitor and a few others
But BJ always stood out, it was tough to see that fight, definitely not the fight I choose to remember him by.
Thank you BJ for a truly great and inspiring journey Phone Post 3.0

UFC 35. Started training BJJ because of the 2nd round arm bar. I'm now a brown belt under Relson Gracie. Training consistently since then. BJ changed my life. Legit. Phone Post 3.0

I got the Ultimate knockouts 1 DVD when I was 16, I didn't even know what MMA was at the time. Watching penn destroy Uno and din Thomas made me an instant fan of BJ and the sport itself. Phone Post 3.0