Who else will/should retire in 2022?

I’m a Diaz Stan boy but I do no want to see Nate again. Zero interest. Go out on that win king

T Ferg too. It’s time my guy. He’s a fan favorite and a legend to us so we don’t want to see him get hurt again


Does fedor have a fight coming up? It’s time big man. He should call it a career this year

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see Nick one more time. His last fight doesn’t count. He fought (and fought well and won round 1) with several injuries and almost zero training so I do want to see a healthy Nick win again then call it a career

Nick Diaz Sport GIF by UFC

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Glover. I’m assuming he’ll get his ass kicked by Jiri in the rematch this time. Then he should call it a career


Hopefully 52 year old TK don’t fight again. He fought and won in RIZIN in April but hopefully he can go out on that win.

Fedor, hopefully we actually get to see his retirement fight before the end of the year. It was supposed to be in May.

Manhoef. He fights Romero on Friday and is gonna get destroyed, hopefully thats it for him.

TK and Manhoef both started fighting in 95.

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A 52 year old shouldn’t even be sanctioned to fight imo. Other than those “exhibition” bouts Boxing likes to do now

Holyfield, Tyson and all those boxers over 50, I’m just not into seeing shit like Vitor TKOing 59 year old Holyfield. Thats sick.


Yeah that was tough to watch. I didn’t enjoy it


Aldo vs Cruz would’ve been a great send off for both fighters

Not sure how much longer Cruz wants to compete for at that level but the timing was right for that one


Yeah before his last fight I said if he lost badly I thought he’d call it a career. I had him winning each round but then we saw how it ended

Might be time for him. That 135lbs. division is extremely stacked I can’t see him making a title run now


Tho I would love to see him lose again.

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Would love to see him come back to fight Colby. Because 1, the press conferences would be hilarious. And 2, Colby would dominate him for 25 minutes

But yeah I’m 2022 I have almost zero interest in seeing Conor again. I don’t even care to see Conor Nate 3 at this point


Gunnar Nelson
Andre Arlovski
Robbie Lawler
Aleksei Oleynik
Dominic Cruz


Forgot about shogun. He’s old and been in SEVERAL wars. It’s time


Tk looked good in that fight though.

Certainly not someone who shouldn’t be licensed

Tony Ferguson


I could see Stipe retiring if he fights this year, which doesn’t look like it will happen at this point.

There’s a good chance Glover will retire after the rematch with Jiri.

Shogun confirmed he will retire after his next fight.

Edgar has more or less said one more fight.

Lawler might retire from MMA but I could see him popping up in BKFC.

Tony should retire, but it doesn’t even sound like he acknowledges any sort of decline so it won’t happen.