Who fights kalib in the Semi?

My pick for the TUF 3 MW semi as most people would probably agree are Kalib Starnes, Rory Singer, Ed Herman and Kendall Grove.

Who would you all Canadians would like to see him fight at the Semi and what are his real chances on making it to the final?

I see Kalib and Herman in the finals with Starnes taking it all for Canada baby!

go get um !


anyone wanna bet ?

Whats the bet?

Kalib would beat Kendall, it's a toss up between Kalib and Rory, and Ed would beat Kalib.

yo Sammy...whats your picks??



i'm not so sure ed would beat kalib. i've been told by a number of people that the strongest part of kalib's game is his guard.

I dont want 2 ruin it for everyone :P

Kendal Grove vs Kalib Starnes in the finals FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll bet :)


i bet ya someone has to go home due to injury.

"i bet ya someone has to go home due to injury."

Crap!!! I hope not...that just ruins the making of the best TUF.

Herman vs Kalib are my picks.

I hope Kendal Grove vs Kalib Starnes happens either in the Semi or Final. I think Kalib looks more refined and has some big wins under his belt, but Kendal at 6'6 is gonna give people problems at 185lbs.

I assume Kendal always fights smaller opponents height wise and I bet Kalib generally fights guys shorter then him as well. Kalib might walk through him but I would pick this as a possible upset due to Kendal's height and awkward style.

With my luck this fight won't happen so I just wasted my time typing this up.


If this fight happens I will be cheering for Kalib on this as our Canadian Rep though. I also think Kalib might not be in the finals(loss/injury) becuase some came on here to say he had signed a deal for fight management. I might be reading too much into that though.

Does it matter?Kalib will beat whoever he goes up against.good day kind sirs.

"becuase some came on here to say he had signed a deal for fight management"---- What do you mean by this-- Fight Management?? What is that? Is that another organization or...??

I actually think Kalib at 100 percent health can beat any of these guys, but who knows- I think Rory Singer and Kendall Grove make it to the finals , at least that is what someone posted on here before according to fightsport-- But I just dont get it-- I dont see anyoone here beating Kalib, by submission or Ko, MAYBE by DECISION i guess?? or injury, I dunno? I hope not but I dont know?? I know Kalib is super talented and is probably the most skilled on the entire show.