Who has been training the longest

Back in 5th grade DBZ training.

Does that count?

Started in 1994.

opsy - I RNC'ed my twin in the womb so I didn't have to split everything 50/50 in my life. That would be 1984.

That's fucked up.

Started in 1984


 June 2002

1985-1997 Muay Thai.

1997-now BJJ.

I trained in Karate for about 6 months back in 1974 but I dont count that. Started back training in Kyokushin in 1984. Been involved in some form of MA's since then....Muay Thai, JKD, Silat, BJJ, San Da.

i started in 76

 bjj & sub. grappling.....September 1998

TKD 1972 taught by Jhoon Rhee.

Boxing from 1977.

No training the last 5 years though.

didnt start REAL BJJ until 1999... doing several martial arts + boxing & Judo since the early 80's tho

Tyson's super punchout in 1988.

 Oh wait, I get to claim competing in Tae Kwon Do growing up?  Fuck man, I've been training since I could walk... LOL! 

Martial arts since 1981, training with family and friends of family, various styles. Hapkido/Tae Kwon do from my dad. Ninjutsu 1990, Aikido 1993, MMA/grappling/jujitsu 1994 just after watching UFC 3

The year 18 AD. Jesus and I were rolling in my garage our senior year in high school. It was cool cuz one time I refused to tap and he broke my arm. It hurt like hell then he healed me.

BUT...remember, you were rolling later and caught him in a crucifix...but Jesus didn't tap, he just died...

TMA's dont count.
I didnt ask when you started dancing

 Karate 1979, Kung Fu 1983, Boxing / Kickboxing / Kali / JKD 1984, Thai Boxing pretty much since 1985. Wrestling in HS 72-76.

 ("TMA's dont count", thats OK, when were you born? Under 30 years old dont count either.)


Back in the Summer of '69