Who has been training the longest

I started training in MMA in the fall of 1998. Been involved ever since.


April 1990 I started Muay Thai

Sept 1996 I started submission wrestling Gi'less

2000 I joined my first real BJJ school, and been doing it ever since

1986 tkd classes

1983 speedbaggin in the womb


 Started Judo in 1996

Judo in 1986, BJJ in 1998, Muay Thai/MMA 2002.

catch wrestling in 1889

Jiu-jitsu (not BJJ) since '84 or '85, kickboxing since around '90.

Since I seem to do everything in life backwards, I got into wrestling and boxing much later. :)

You guys are freakin OLD!!! LOL

thought I would be one of the longtimers. Since I started wrestling in Junior High in "88" can I count that too? =-)

 I started right when I got outta 'Nam.

Muay Thai in '89-90 

Vale Tudo in late '97

Elias Cepeda - 

catch wrestling in 1889


Erik the Red - 1983 speedbaggin in the womb


 1492 - walked off the Santa Maria and started fighting with the natives (no knees or elbows).

1991 here.

 I started on the Mayflower in 1492, Columbus was kind enough to have BJJ classes on the galley.

NHB 1998


^^^lol columbus was a puritan.