Who has seen Ong Bak?

I think that I have the spelling right. It is a Thai Martial Arts film. It's a
fairly typical martial film, but the action sequences are really good.

Best martial arts movie ever.

One of the worst stories ive ever seen on the bigscreen.

One of my FAVORITE movies I have ever seen on the bigscreen!

Funny movie. Good action. I recommend.

It's f'n amazing, without a doubt. I have it on DVD, and I think its
getting a theatrical release sometime in March.

If you haven't seen this movie, imagine a bad-ass Kung Fu film, using
Muay Thai (well, a slightly exagerated version of it) to implement its
own brand of ass-kick. Flying knee/elbow combinations, a dude round
kicking a guy in the head, while his leg is ON FIRE, etc.

I thought it was an awful movie. But the stunts and fight sequences were very good.

is that the correct spelling, i tried looking for it ont he net, can anyone help me out!?

Subpar plotline, but the fight scenes and action sequences were kickass.

I have it on my computer and I watched certain scenes.

Its tough to watch with media player. (same problem with the crocop story)

Need a subtitle file for this...anyone have one?

The fight scene in the bar was the best Ive ever seen!

I have the dvd, pretty good movie

I also recommend you see Beautiful Boxer.

My best friend just married a Thai woman. Shortly before their wedding, they took a trip to Thailand to meet her parents. He brought back a copy of Ong Bak on DVD. (We had to download a DVD region-code cracker to play it.) The movie didn't have English subtitles, and his wife wasn't there to translate, so we just watched it in Thai. Despite neither of us knowing Thai, we just filled in the (rather obvious and cliched) plot from the Van Damme movies we used to watch as kids. Ohh, look! Here's the obligatory motorcycle racer who removes his helmet to reveal he's actually . . . (wait for it) . . . a woman! Well, we didn't see that coming from a mile away.

Anyway, yes, the fight scenes are great, and a pleasant return to old-school no-wires buttkicking.


The making of was better than the movie itself. You get to see the action scenes without the story. Thais are hardcore stuntmen.

Its awesome. Best martial arts movie ever. If you havent seen it, think Jackie Chan mixed with Remy Bonjasky.

Tony Jaa is pretty impressive. As far as I know, this is his first flick. I would like to see more of him, because Ong Bak is a hell of a film, and that scene where he kicks the guy in the face while his feet are on fire is priceless. The movie is scheduled to come out in February in the states.

If anyone has not yet seen the new flick "Throw Down", check it out. It is a sweet tribute to Kurosawa's first flick, "the Judo Saga", and has some pretty sick throws.

Jesus. I'm not the only person here who likes kung-fu movies. Thank God

I saw this movie, it was great. The action takes a little too long to get going considering how weak the story is, but once it does get going it kicks all sorts of ass.

"As far as I know, this is his first flick."

He played Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat: Annhilation (only with the hood

They're also doing a sequal right now that finds Ting going to Australia
to retrieve a stolen elephant(wtf?). Asskicking ensues.

best martial arts movie i have ever seen

If anyone's interested, there is a video over at kungfucinema.com showing a short preview of "Tom Yum Goong," Tony Jaa's follow up to Ong Bak.

if you liked the movie ong bak you should see the making of ong bak. the stunts are just amazing. no wire and no cgi.