who hits harder Mike Tyson or Melvin Manhoef

MT or MM

Are you serious?

You can be serious...'Tarded troll


Alex...I`ll take Sam Pai Kenpo for $400.

Ernie Shavers

FTW Phone Post

Devereaux - Tyson you stupid ass.


Strike two tonight. Phone Post

People saw that "UG's 10 Biggest Trolls" Thread and are fishing for nominations like crazy tonight .... You don't deserve it .... Phone Post

Not sure if serious?

I mean...comparing a 185lbs guy to a 220lbs of wrecking machine punching-powerwise seems a bit stupid. Especially when the 220lbs guy was both HW champ at the age of 20, and was known for knocking people out with body-shots :/

Mike Tyson all day.


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Donnie Long said he did.

Someone tell me you see what I did there, please Phone Post

Tyson!!!! Phone Post

Gerry Cooney hits harder than both Phone Post

 Gary Hughes

JDSFTW -  Gerry Cooney hits harder than both Phone Post
not sure about that. cooney was all left hand, tyson had power in both and i'm old enought to remember the rise of both guys and i don't remember cooney with that concussive one punch power. i rememeber he had more thudding stop you in your tracks and then batter a guy power


Sily comparison apart from they are both black strikers. I do really like manhoef though, shame he didn't get more wins. Phone Post

Wowwwwwwwww. Phone Post

Devereaux - Tyson you stupid ass.

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Who's more witty? Roger Rabbit or Bugs Bunny?