Who is Dan Wheatley?

And how is he allowed to be KOed twice in the same month by the same guy.

Also, why is he fighting Fulton and losing FIVE TIMES!

What the hell is going on in the minor leagues?

Dan Wheatley is good people.

My friend "MiniVan" fought him and TKO'd him on a Friday & a Saturday night.


i bet he has "heavy hands"


Hollywood Blonde: Figured as much...

How the mighty have fallen.

you cant fall from the same level you where at before..This is grassroots mma and has been like this since the beginning...

Maybe he should try training before a fight, you never know seems like he hasn't done it before.

I have faught Dan wheatly.

I faught him last year in jamestown North Dakota at the "Throwdown in Jamestown # 1" when we faught, I faught him at 184 lbs. I stand at 5'8" tall He was 265 lbs. and stood 6'1".

I ended up choking him out in the mid/end of the 2nd.

The guy is a great guy, with a heart of gold. A perfect gentalman.

People may think he sucks but he is getting his name out there!

For a fighter, just doing that can be a fight all on its own!

I admire this man and think he needs to keep fighting! The only problem I see in him,(and far be it from me to judge considering my record 5-8-0)is that is is truly a "gental giant" He lacks the killing instinct and rage needed to do this job. I have recently just found mine, and since then have had a nice little winning streak that I am very proud of and learned alot about my-self.

Fighting is a self evolving jurney, watch you'll see, one day he will get tired of loosing and snap! And when he does he will surprise alot of people, like I have.

And just for the record: When he does use them, he has very heavy hands!!!!! I saw white every time I got hit by him. And when you have a guy that big in your gaurd, just keeping your cardio at a calm pace is a battle.