Who is going?


Virtue powered by ASR, showcases the emerging
lifestyle brands centered around music, art, youth
and MMA.
Held in con-
junction with
the 26th annu-
al ASR Trade
Expo, partici-
pating Virtue
exhibitors will
their product
and sales mes-
sage to thousands of specialty retailers, chain
stores, department stores, boutiques and distribu-
tors from around the world. As the action sports
marketplace continues to evolve, Virtue provides
exhibitors unprecedented access to these retail

The Hard Rock Hotel is located at the heart of San
Diego's Gas Lamp district and directly across the
street from the ASR Trade Expo at the San Diego
Convention Center. The newly built hotel and
Legends Ballroom provide the most contemporary
and fashionable facility in San Diego.

Not sure yet, I might actually be doing the the afterparty there at the Sweetwater Saloon inside the hotel. You going?

Yeah I am going to attend (to check it out) I think Varner, Bader and Dollaway are going to roll with me.

 Sorry, not buying into this. ASR is herding MMA off across the street because many of the surf and skate brands have been complaining that ours is not an "action sport."

Basically, those companies are worried that MMA brands are going to eat into their sales. Yet, ASR wants the cash we bring, so they throw MMA into the Hard Rock, which buyers are going to have to go well out of their way to find. Add a cool name, make a crappy PDF with bitmapped images and collect the checks.

If you are going to exhibit at ASR, my suggestion is to boycott Virtue and get space on the main floor. If all the good spaces are taken, save your money. Everyone is trying to make a buck off MMA and ASR is no different.

Aaron Crecy
Clinch Gear