Who is Jimmy Dukowski?

I have been trying to get a hold of you. When is your next AFA? Email me at swilson2626@yahoo.com if you ever need anybody. thanks-
sean wilson

Travis is selling short his ground game.  He has very powerful hips and can control from the top very well.  He is also a bitch to take down.  He actually went a 2 point match with the D3 defending national champ at a tournament last year with all of the points coming on escapes or a stalling call.  Not too shabby.

his oil checks are top notch as well.

Actually, Jon has great stand-up skills. He's not jsut a grappler.

I wouldn't call him straight either. . .

Please don't hurt me Jon. . .

Travis, you dont remember fighting me? You tapped during the staredown. :)

Sounds like since you fight so often and have a name people figure that it is easy to just throw your name out there. Hell, maybe next time I am trying to impress a chick with lies, I will drop your name as well.

"Jay Bach? Do you mean Jay Buck perhaps. Plus Buck for all intents and purposes is no longer an active fighter. I'd have to assume that this is an old interview. TTT for G2.
Ethan Boyle feel free to stop by at the Gilberts facility and roll there for a day - then talk about them like they suck"
lol at someone talking crap about the the Gilbert Grappling guys guess you haven't faced 'em shit tommy and clay would be in the ufc as soon as the get the lw back and jason @ 205 is a monsta... lawdymama i believe Travis is such an mma legend that he has guys trying to up theire street cred by saying they fought him.