Who is Jimmy Dukowski?

I was messing around on the net and I found an interview with Joey Gilbert and he states that he trained with a guy by the name of Jimmy Dukowski who beat me in under a minute back in the early days.

For one I know the names of everybody I have ever fought, and I have never lost in under a minute to anybody.

People can be so retarded when they lie. Just this last weekend a guy told my mother that he fought me and beat me, but he justified his victory over me by saying that he beat me before I got good.

"Yeah, we got another fighter Jay Bach. He fights in
HooknShoot a lot. We have Jimmy Dukowski, who used to
fight out of our school. He's a pretty good local
fighter. He's beat Travis Fulton in under a minute
back in the early days. We've got some strong guys,
but it's kind of dying down right now, a lot of our
guys are getting older and don't want to be fighting
anymore. It's hard because we keep fighting in local
shows, but don't go anywhere. We fight a lot of tough
guys, but we don't know anyone, so it's hard to get
into good shows. So they lose because they lose their
ambition. They didn't want to keep fighting in the
same show over and over again and get no money for it.
It's a tough sport, people don't realize that."

That is Vladamir Matshuynko's real name. He was never a Russian superstar but a autoworker out of the local 856.

I was live when Travis fought Vladdy, and it was a LOT longer than a minute.

Revised with sobriety~

Anyway, Travis email me, I got internet back and have the same email. I have some young guns wanting to go to the Breck show.

If it makes you feel better Travis, I tell everybody that you BEAT me in under a minute!

who is Travis Fulton???? lol.

who is mike camp????lol

I used to spoon with Travis after his wins. lol.

i just kiddin i here mike camps a good guy up in Fav-re land.

Didn't Jon Menke beat you in a submission grappling match in under a minute? I have 53 seconds in my head for some reason. . .maybe you're not counting that because it wasn't MMA?

i was trying to sound like "who is mike jones?" but i guess you can't really make sounds on the puder. But back to T.Ful people think your record is so big that maybe some of your fights are unrecorded f'em tell him you want a rematch then see what he says...

Fulton for unofficial "Mayor of MMA" you should be a gatekeeper in the UFC IMO..

thanks for the kind words, but I'm not in cheeseland. I hail from the Hoosier state now. I agree w/fatboy's last post.

sorry i heard wrong MC damn bob schirmer's old crippled ass.


I beat Travis in under a minute...in a hot dog eating contest.

I hear Travis likes his hot dogs with mayo on them. Any truth to this?

Mark 308...yes it was a submission match, and yes it was pretty quick. Menke was tough, but I have him not lasting a minute with me once you throw punches in the mix.

I know plenty of guys who are great straight grapplers but dont cross over well, Im just the opposite.

Travis = LOOONG overdue UFC invite.

Hopefuly you can mix it up again on PPV, your always exciting.

You lost to Jim Czajkowski (Gilbert Grappling) at EC 13 by choke in 2:33 seconds.

Travis, That was the Karate Guy that was beating you in Extreme Challenge, until you gave his the soft slam. LOL By brother and i were just watching that the other day. LOL