Who is Keith Mills?

This may sound like a stupid question but who is Keith Mills? I just read an interview with him and Denis Kang and he also interviews Pain Peters once and awhile. He does an excellent job. Just wondering who is he and where he is located.

Thxs knewon. He does an excellent job.

Keith Mills is the Road Warrior journalist of MMA.


Keith Mills is American and from D.C I believe.

"Keith Mills is the Road Warrior journalist of MMA. " is correct.


Thanks dendawg. How was Russia? What kind of game did Semonov bring? Would you fight there again?

LOL @ Road Warrior

It's true though...I don't know how he does it man.

Keith Mills is American he is from Washington D.C

He works for Full Contact Fighter and ADCC web page.
He is a nice guy to boot.

As far as an MMA journalist being in Vancouver, Nobody that knows anything about MMA is from Vancouver right Denis ? :) Just Joking

Good to see you back Denis
Talk to you soon.

Mental, Russia was great, I will definitely be going thre again. Semenov was tough especially in his relentless takedown attempts. HOwever I think I wore him down with superiror counterwrestling and gn'p tactics. I actually wasn't 100% going in to this fight. I was a little burnt-out from too much training this year, and I definitely felt the jet-lag.

Arnold, tried calling today. Will try again tonight.


Gee, thanks people.

1. Yes, I live in right outside Washington, DC where I rent half a townhouse taking care of a mentally disabled landlady, not a van. The perception of living in a van probably comes from when I'm on the road and have to nap in my car because I can't afford a hotel. Plane fair to all these shows is a killer. The night of the TKO weigh-ins I slept in my car in the hotel parking lot but the bottom line is I'm making it to the shows and you are seeing the pictures. Any rich sponsors out there wanna help support a crazy American?

2. The "Road Warrior" comment comes from my tattoo of Mel Gibson as Road Warrior on my arm. There is a picture of it at http://www.io.com/~kmills/melta2t.jpg. now you know how to recognize me at shows...stop by and say hello. BTW-"starbellykeith" comes from another tattoo of...you guessed it...a star on my belly from Dr. Seuss' The Sneetches.

3. Yes, I work for FCF and ADCC News, mostly playing the baseball scout roll. Honestly it is the Canadian fighters tied with the California ones that most impress me right now, even over the UK and Russia ones.

4. http://malarky.udel.edu/~keith/2003/M1/kang.htm is a gallery of shots of Kang/Semenov that aren't running in FCF mag. The best shot should be in the January issue. It didn't run with the Kang piece because I didn't "save changes" to the Word doc before sending it off.

5. Index of galleries of most of the other shows I shot this year is at http://www.io.com/~kmills/oldnews03.htm. There are a couple missing because they are in the current FCF and I have to wait until it comes off the newstand.

Thanks for the support-it's the paying fans like you that make all this possible, I'm just an employee.


Thanks Keith. Your hard work is appreciated.

TTT for Mr. Mills.