WHo is Miesha Tate fighting next??

she's purty and an exciting fighter

id say she could be a star like carano with her looks

she still with strikeforce?

good question.... anyone know?

 She comes on here periodically so perhaps she can answer herself.

Please keep this respectful guys.

November 29 against Theresa Doerksen in Tacoma, Wash.

We'll have an article up about Miesha's next fight on MMAWeekly later tonight/early tomorrow.

will this event be televised??


aww, that sucks

well i challenge her to a televised bout, lingerie match, wwe style :-p


Here's the article

 I'm also taking a smaller fight in Texas on Nov 1st, neither fight is televised but after I take these two smaller fights I'm headed back to big shows, I'm lookin at Elite XC and I like what I see!!

DamonMMAWeekly - http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=7198&zoneid=13

Here's the article

 Wonderful article Horrible picturer EW! lol how did you find one that bad ha ha

 LOL. Its not as bad as you think Miesha, but it doesn't even really look like you.

 I'm fighting tomorrow against Jessica Bednark and I ended up fighting Jaime lynn-welsh Nov 29th and won with a first round TKO

 congrats on the win.  Where are you fighting Jessica and is it being broadcast anywhere?

good luck in your next fight

sweet. and congrats! and good luck!

Post pics after the fight please. Thanks!

 Thank you, and I've been told it will stream live on www.freestylecagefighting.com so I hope thats correct!

Rox19 - sweet. and congrats! and good luck!

 when do we get to see you in action again?!

Well I won my fight with a first round TKO!!

TkDwn - Well I won my fight with a first round TKO!!

Congrats Miesha! Keep up the good work!