Who is showing UFC in London

Just wondering what bars are showing the UFC this weekend?

The guys from Fateh's will probably be hanging at my girlfriend's place as we all watch the UFC. If you're around call me at 519-868-6213 on my cell and you can come watch it too.

I believe flesh gordon's plays the UFC Tex. Although you moight not want to bring the girlfriend

Legends always shows the ufc, and this weekend you get an added bonus, Ms.Nude Toronto, Nikki Cage.


Nice to see that HTM is up on the programming choices of the local peelers bars.

In his spare time he also helps make the kitchen menus I hear.


Actually Guys,

Nikki Cage is really worth seeing, she's an old friend of mine. Me and some of the Team Tompkins boys are going in tonight to check her out. Probably not for UFC though, thats serious shit.....


"From: sokescrog: Nikki Cage is really worth seeing, she's an old friend of mine."

Damn it...after a post like that...I got nuthin'...



Thanks for the invite! I'll keep you number and call you where I return to London. I'll talk to the guys at Fetah's to find out where your located.

AS for Legends I don't think I'd be able to keep my eyes on the fighters, besides that they don't like my kind there.



No worries. They know where the place is.