Who is the best instructor?

Just curious who is regarded as the best instrcutor in terms of most successful students and making normal people champs?


Carlos Gracie!

This is a troll question.

There are a lot of GREAT instructors out there.

We are REALLY lucky.

Try reading jiu jitsu travel blogs like:




and you'll see how deep and wide the talent pool is.

In terms of respect, we all have to give mad props to the Gracies who started the ball rolling and built it up so big.

i have no affiliation to the guy but its tough to miss fabio gurgel if you take a look at his past students and what they have going on now its pretty impressive

It all depends on the student actually. One instructors approach may get more out of a student than another.

Of all the people I have trained under, Mauricio Gomez was definitly my favourite.

You could look at it as who has the most successful team.

But that may be due more to the location, then the teachers.


Nothing beats experience like that. Nothing.


I was thinking more current. I rolled with a Rickson blue belt the other day and didn't find his game any better than anyone else's but everyone at my club was all " he must be amazing he's a Rickson blue belt".

another vote for Mo

"Just curious who is regarded as the best instrcutor in terms of most successful students and making normal people champs?"

normal ppl dont become champions,i hope i dont sound like a smart ass.to many great instructors

I think Pedro Sauer was voted "most technical instructor" a while back.  If you get a chance, look him up.  He's in Virginia now.

There's about five schools here.Not bad for a city of under a million.

Funny you'd mention Sauer as that's who i think is one of the best. I've never trained under him but used his videos and competed against lots of his students who were all quite good.

There are a lot of great instructors out there. Lloyd and some others. However, the founder of The Alliance, judging purely from the success of those he has trained and his ability to inspire, Jacare` Cavalcanti is the best in the world. He is responsible for countless champions. Leozinho, Comprido, Fabio who trained Marcelinho, and more recently Moriarty and others.

Judging just by the students, it has to be Carlson Sr. He has produced some of the greatest fighters that continue to dominate to this date. The greatest lineage IMO.

Bart Vale - End of Discussion

I'm a little biased but you can't have this discussion without mentioning Carlson Gracie Sr.

there is alot of good ones out there.. Royler is sure good! IMO



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