Who is the most accomplished fighter turned trainer?

Militech, Khabib, Serra, Mike Brown?

Isn’t khabib undefeated as trainer so far

good question, maybe in the UFC?

Dwayne Ludwig


Gotta be Mike Brown?

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Henry Cejudo

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Looks at name… Henry is that you?

Mike Brown is the first name to pop in my head.


Oh wait. You never said MMA.

Then the answer is Saenchai.

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Militech. UFC champion as a fighter and had at least 5 students who were UFC champions.

And unlike Mike Brown, built his fighters up from early in their careers.


Freddie Roach

Faber - TAM

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Khabib hasn’t lost once cornering a fighter since taking the coach role.

No other answer is even acceptable. Even among these Nazi’s.

Shut er down.

Javier Mendez and/or Bob Cook

Think of all the success AKA has had even in the earlier days. DC, Cain, Khabib, Rockhold, Fitch, Cung Le, Josh Thomson, Shamrock, BJ.
And now they have the new Dagestani fighters so another potential batch of champions.