Who is Uno training with now?

My friend said she saw Uno at the gym today and he was working out with another smaller weight Japanese guy. Possibly his trainer. Any ideas on whom it might have been?

She said she thinks it might be Taiyo Nakahara.

your friends a liar.

Why do you say that?

haha i dunno it just came to me

alright, well, thanks, I guess. I don't know her to be a liar though.

Anybody know if Nakahara is working out with Uno?

He's working with Dos Caras' camp. Get it? Uno and Dos! :(

No, I don't get it. I don't speak spanish. :)

I'm not real sure, but did you mean to post that on the Fake Fighter thread?

Nakahara and Uno are both part of the WK network

So, it probably was Nakahara then.