Who made the TUF try-outs today?

any word???

nope, none.


I have heard some names that did really well.

Rex Richards
Bryan Baker
a tough guy from GA's Hardcore gym at 185

and a few others I can't remember at this time

Rex Richards is a monster. If he is on TUF, he will win it.

 i know Richard White made it through today @ HWT

did lashley try out?

 how did Tuchscherer do?

Did NOT hear about Lashley. That's too bad if he doesn't make it.

Wontsubmit -  how did Tuchscherer do?

 I hope he makes it, this guy don't get no love. I saw him fight and he is pretty good imo. Also, the runner up in the infamous YAMMA. You know i was YAMMAside for that event!

 Yammaside, lol. Did you order a yammadog with cheese?

former Tampa Bay Bucaneer Marcus Jones - a heavyweight

and former Green Bay Packer Herbert Goodman - a middleweight, i think

Warren Thompson is the kid from GA - He's not from the Hardcore Gym, but he is being managed by Rory Singers company Mammoth Sports & Entertainment.

Warren is a very big 185# fighter with excellent Muay Thai and he is so young that his future is very bright.

 We will have some word soon... Had a guy out there covering it.

Marcus the Darkness Jones will win this, wait till you see this guy. He is not in this for the money or fame!

yeah, i heard his Muay Thai was sick and real good BJJ

Warren that is.


Wontsubmit -  Yammaside, lol. Did you order a yammadog with cheese?

 LMAO, That's funny you say that, i actually posted in another thread how i was YAMMAside at YAMMA drinking a beer and eating a YAMMAdog w/ mustard! Great minds think alike i guess. Except the condiment part!

 jones made it and eric poling did too which is bs cuz my boy richard white beat him inside of two minutes and got cut after the third day