Who makes good custom Gi patches?

Any suggestions?


UFC mailed me a gi patch last week, think I should use it? I'm a white belt.

Put it on the back of a jean jacket, and grow a mullet.

C'mon hook a brutha up...........

what are you looking for? if you are looking to get a bunch made, i can get them done for you. but the minimum qty is 50.

yeah like 100 or so

Here's one I had done for an UGer.


you can email me at

i'm getting ready to leave work for the day. I can get back to you on any questions after training tonight.

cool thx


Swampy, I will send you an email tomorrow with patches for an estimate. Thanks

Sam Kim at NHB Gear does a good job and a heck of a nice guy sam@nhbgear.com