Hunt's grappling tonight was impressive, while Wand's patience, counter punching and shorter shots won the night!!!

With Shogun returning to his roots, I expect him to rejuvenated and sharper his next time out...

It's a pleasure to watch good FIGHTERS!!!!

agree vu

old tricks imo


I guess Wands muay thai clinch w/knees is reserved for Japan only.

Agree about Hunt and VTFU. As soon as Struve took him down I was very concerned, but he hung in there and managed to hold a dominant position well. Watching a K1 world champ work an opponent into a mounted crucifix is not something you see every day. 


Can we start talking about Hunt as a contender now? 4 fight win streak with a couple good wins over Kongo and Struve. How about Hunt vs. Overeem?? 

What turned the tide I thought was when Wand screwed his head on and started landing those jabs. Wore on Stann, and ka-boom! Phone Post

If Hunt drops a few pounds and ups his cardio.... things are going to get ugly at heavy weight fast.

And note, his leg attack was almost nonexistent last night!!!!

Even though Cain's ground game would be to strong for Hunt, I'd like to see the UFC give Hunt a fight that would move him closer to the title.

Hunt vs Bigfoot seems about right.

Hunt vs. Overeem/JDS winner Phone Post