Who should Francis Ngannou fight next?

Do you agree with the champ and want a Jon Jones fight next for his first defense? Or do you want something different?

He should fight people that still matter. Surely, there are better match ups than a drug-test-hiding has been.

Jon is taking a year off to get acclimated to heavyweight, right? Ngannou should just get some title defenses under his belt in the meantime. It would only make the fight bigger when it happens.

I’d like it to be Jones, but if that isn’t any closer yet to being worked out, just fight Lewis. If he beats Lewis, they can try again to work on the Jones fight.

Just please don’t hold up the division until next year.

Already ducking Lewis.

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Ufc 229 Sport GIF by UFC

Francis knocked out Stipe “in a mere 52 seconds”?? Of the second round, dude. Get your shit together.

Different software platform, same shit article proofreading.


Kinda reads like someone wrote it who didn’t watch the fight and just skimmed some google info, not really paying attention.

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I thought Lewis was already lined up? He is the obvious choice if Stipe needs more time.

Anybody saying Stipe doesn’t deserve a rematch is a turd nugget.

Lewis is clearly number 1 behind Stipe.

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I don’t under this debate. Jones has priced himself out of the fight, so you fight who the ufc puts in front of you. In fact, a champ should fight whoever the ufc puts in front of him with zero questions. If you refuse to fight, the title should be stripped. This goes for all champs


Why should the UFC have unilateral control?

He needs to just sign the damn contract that Beast signed like a month ago.

Jon Jones ship has sailed. Be a damn champion and avenge your loss to the number one contender Francis.

They should when it comes to contenders, not just any old fight they want.

Boxing does it, starting to seem like UFC needs to as well. Money fights are great and all but #1 contenders can’t just be turned away because a champ wants to wait who knows how long for a special fight that seems far from happening.

In this scenario, fight the top contender that has been presented or lose the belt.

Lewis. He earned the shot. He has a win over the champ. He is an actual ranked heavyweight.

To do anything else is absurd.

I’m pretty sure he’s fighting The black beast. If he wins that he should give stipe his deserved rematch.

Boxing has a law that regulates this and there are objective ranking criteria. It’s not just the promoters.

Surely giving the most dominant fighter of all time a shot isn’t absurd.