Who should Mir fight next?

I think a Carwin rematch would be interesting. Or perhaps Cain. The only other person I can think of would be Travis Browne, but I don't think Browne is ready for that fight given his last fight against Broughten.

What say you? Phone Post


Cain Velasquez !! Phone Post

Yeah, Cain m makes the the most sense for sure Phone Post

Sergei would be cool Phone Post

i think Cain would be a great fight for a lot of reason, but if Cain wins, then i think he's definately the top contender. if Mir wins, then i think he should be next in line...

Cain orstruve Phone Post

RandyDarsh - Cain orstruve Phone Post

Lol. Struve is fightin Herman and even though im a fan, he has no business in the cage with Mir yet Phone Post

LOL at everyone pretending they're not wishing for the Mir-Sim trilogy to be completed.

Cain Phone Post

Honestly, I would almost rather see Mir vs Overeem as opposed to Brock. Phone Post

Steven segal. Phone Post

NarlyPersianDude - Well Cain or the loser of Overeem Brock. Nothing else looks right

Well the only reason I suggested Carwin was because he fought Mir after Mir went bat-shit crazy from Brock and was trying to become a giant. I think it would be a bit more competitive this time around. Phone Post

Cain vs Werdum Phone Post

Oops. Meant Mir vs Werdum Phone Post

a juiced brandon vera rematch. r at the very least a moonfaced vera on HGH and TRT

Barnett Phone Post

Barnett vs Mir would be a great match, but Barnett is stuck in Strikeforce. If Werdum wins then have him fight Werdum. If Werdum loses have Mir fight Cain.

Let's see him fight Bigfoot silva Phone Post

Barnett would be my first pick .Werdan would be ok but hes fighting Nelson.Cain fits the bill