Who TF fought Black Beast in the streets?

Didn’t he challenge an online troll to come to his gym to throw hands and then posted the video online of him beating the dudes ass?

This. He was handled with the quickness.

His balls was hot

This is exactly why I’m not trying to get into fights when visiting family down south. I’m just assuming any little guy acting tough is only doing it because he’s carrying and leaving shit alone. Not that I’m trying to get into fights in Manhattan, but here it’s less likely someone actually has shit on them as opposed to the punk “I’ll be back” shit when they leave and come back with either friends or a gun.

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Yea I think once people realize you’re not fighting to win but to hurt them, they usually think twice about it.

Most guys don’t want to fight; they just want to hit someone. There’s a huge difference.

People forget Lewis isn’t the only big boy in the hood, especially down south. It’s just that a lot of them end up shot because no one trying to fight them fair. Like Deebo from Friday basically.

I get this, and maybe Lewis only turns on the charm for the camera and IG, but he doesn’t strike me as the type to go around disrespecting people (unless it’s jokes). Someone had to have stepped to him, right?

Good question. You’re right, he seems like a cool dude and not a guy to go around trying to punk everyone.

You’ve never met drunk Derrick. That’s usually when most fights happen anyway.

You assumed correctly

I know exactly why, but I can’t say.

i would.

Thanks for sharing that. I’d watch a lot more Rogan podcast if he keeps getting fighters on all the time. I’ve seen a lot less of it since he started with Spotify tbh.

Do you even trane bro?!?

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May sound like common sense but fighting in the street has almost zero benefit. Unless you are protecting yourself or someone vulnerable the only solution is to walk away and let that individual inevitably self destruct.

At best you may leave with a broken hand or some scrapes you’ll have to explain to family and work colleagues. At worst you are arrested or yourself/those with you are injured or worse.

Don’t fight random guys over words.

You just saved the future of this planet.


“But I won’t let anyone disrespect be”

We are all be, bruh…

We be . I be. You be.

Alcohol is a helluva drug bud…make a young buck feel like he’s a machine

If by “disrepectful” you mean sucker punching a woman from behind and knocking her out, then yeah, dude was being disrespectful.