Who to contact about gettin a thread deleted

is Kirik (sp) the person to contact if there is a thread that you feel may be a candidate for deletion? Thanks

just call the president

Way to sarcastic and not helpful asshole.

If you need to get a thread deleted you contact Carlinhos - he does it for a small ( or outrageous) fee

email president@mma.tv

I was referring to a thread on a state forum. Now that I have seen other related threads, unfortunately, it looks like this one is going to have to play itself out. Thanks Snapple for the response but I know it will not get deleted and if it did a huge uproar would occur, and from a constitutional viewpoint, rightly so. Why do people get so much enjoyment out of destroying other people they dont know? A small few may know what they are talking about but the majority just join in to see the blood flow and keep prodding to make sure their "fun" lasts a little longer. Let the people who have invested the time to really get the facts deal with it. In the end the truth always comes out.

You don't have to lie to kick it Phone Post