Who want Nick Diaz VS Matt Brown?

It’s a great fight for both of them and fight of the night guaranteed.
Who else want to see it?


I want to see nick vs Daren till. Nick needs someone to piss him off

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I’d rather have Rashad vs. Hector Lombard.

I have no interest in seeing Diaz at MW ever again. That dad bod was tough to see

Give Nick a middle of the pack WW. Assuming he even wants to fight again that is


Hey boss Matt Brown is a middle of the pack WW. That fight doesn’t excite you Blue?

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Give Diaz some new friends. Get that Schilling guy out if his life. He still has the skills, just needs to show up in shape next time.

Brown doesn’t move my needle one bit. Give him that bum Masvidal

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I’d be fine with it. As long as Nick have himself a proper training camp this time around

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Shiiiiit Cowboy vs Nick gets my dick hard

I like the Mike Perry fight


That’s great too!
No thanks on Nikki, I wanna see Diaz win

I like this fight.

Unless it’s against Rashad! :rofl: